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The Old Student's Associations (Alumni Associations) are groups of former students whose goal is fostering a lasting connection with one's Alma Mater and to promote the welfare of the Kristu Jyoti’s Alumni. Apart from the general Alumni club, the college has a departmental Alumni group. These Associations offer a number of opportunities for graduates to stay in touch with their fellow Alumni while also expanding their networks to enhance their professional opportunities. It also helps the institution to remember its ambassadors who are spread across the world. Alumni associations are filled with opportunities for expanding a graduate's professional network. Graduates have the opportunity to network with recent graduates as well as graduates who are several years their senior. These connections can lead to internships, jobs, clients, partnerships and other valuable career opportunities.

The Old Student's Association works closely with the college faculty, contributing towards the all-round growth and development of the College and its students. The faculty in charge of the Alumni association meet regularly and plan the activities for the year. Connecting with fellow Alumni is one way to find professional and social opportunities, but reestablishing contact with professors can offer wealthy experience as well. The Alumni Association is really an asset for Kristu Jyoti College, and it is crucial for the development of the institution.