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M.Sc Psychology Admission

M.Sc Psychology Admission

Post Graduate Department of Psychology, Kristu Jyoti College of Management and Technology, offer Masters Degree in Psychology ( MSc Psychology) with a strategically designed academic framework ensuring the emerging demand for Psychologists in the HealthCare Management, Corporate – Industry, Education, and Mental Wellness. Department is confident in imparting sound theoretical concepts with effective in-depth working knowledge of psychology and hands-on experience in therapeutic and clinical internships. Department ensures a learning and academic atmosphere to foster the students to explore emerging trends and improve creative skills and provide quality education in the field of psychology. To develop and train the students in exploratory research, publications and paper presentations we assure internships and collaborations with prominent international and national firms and NGOs. Department research programs are committed to develop in-depth knowledge and skills in qualitative and quantitative research methods through laboratory, field and web modes of learning.

Admission Procedure

The student seeking admission for the M.sc Psychology course should submit the Application form duly filled in the college office. The application form can be bought from the college office by paying a fee of Rs.500/-or can apply online through the college  website.   

Eligibility Criteria

A candidate who has passed B.A/B.Sc. Psychology, approved by M G University with a minimum of 50 % are eligible to pursue the M.Sc. Psychology Programme on a regular basis. Admission into the program is on the basis of PGCAP under Mahatma Gandhi University.

Duration of the Course

The programme shall be spread over four semesters with each semester having a duration of 90 days.

Learning & Assessment

The medium of instruction shall be English. There shall be continuous assessment of the students on an internal basis based on the provisions of the Regulations and end semester examinations conducted by University. The final assessment shall be based on both the above components in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations.

Streams & Electives

Three Streams of Electives are offered of which the students can select one stream. All the courses of the particular stream selected have to be taken by the student. The elective stream is spread over semester three and four with two courses each in both these semesters. The Streams offered as electives are
(1) Clinical Psychology,
(2) Educational Psychology and
(3) Organizational Behavior


College owns the capacity to have 20 students in an academic year.