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Nirmal Jyoti Girl's Hostel

Kristu Jyoti College of Management and Technology  offers hostel facilities for students to enhance their learning experience.
The administration of Nirmal Jyoti hostel for girls is owned  by the Dr. Placid Education Trust under all the institutions of Kristu Jyoti Group engage in academic pursuits.
The hostel ensures the most ecstatic living atmosphere with green and serene space. It has capacious study space for self study ,quality assured mess service with the most modern cooking area and  also with the vibes of positive environs. Classy and elegant dining area , cozy and comfortable lounging space indeed add the interior facilities  of the hostel. The hostel makes sure of the safety of the residents with a round the clock CCTV surveillance system. The residents are managed by a main lady warden supported by assistant wardens for each floor.



  • Entry to and exit from the hostel is restricted between 6.00 a.m. – 5.30 p.m. except for classes and meetings authorized by the College.
  • Hostlers must ensure that entries are made in the Movement Register while entering and exiting the hostel.
  • Inmates have to mark attendance in the register at night when they are in the hostel.
  • Overnight stay in other places will be allowed only with their respective parents / guardians with prior permission of the warden. The hostel authorities will not be responsible for events happening outside the hostel.
  • Students are not allowed to go home during working days. Incase of emergency the parent / guardian should get prior permission of the warden for the same.
  • Visitors are allowed only on Sundays 12.30 pm – 6.00 pm. only from the list of visitors given by the parents or guardians. Permission of the Warden/Asst. Warden in charge must be taken.
  • Guests / day scholars are not allowed to enter the hostel.
  • Inmates should occupy the rooms allotted to them by the warden and nobody is permitted to exchange or visit others room.
  • No student is allowed to stay in the hostel during the working hours or class time without the prior permission of the warden.
  • Celebrations are strictly prohibited in the rooms.
  • Meal timings will be displayed on the notice board. The dining hall will remain closed after the scheduled time.
  • Consumption of food from outside is not allowed in the room. The mess hall can be used for the same.
  • Keep the rooms and hostel premises neat and tidy.
  • Use of electrical appliances such as iron box, heater, hair dryers and other cosmetic gadgets are prohibited in the hostel. They can be used in the place provided for the same.
  • Students are to maintain strict silence after night prayers.
  • Self-medication is not allowed for sick students. They should inform the warden / asst. warden immediately.
  • Students are to refrain from using profane or vulgar language / action in the hostel.
  • Any kind of ragging intimidation or aggressive behavior from the student’s part will invite disciplinary action.
  • Students should respect Wardens and other workers of the hostel.
  • Interacting with the kitchen workers is strictly prohibited.
  • Students must be in neat and modest dress in and around the hostel.
  • Avoid using costly ornaments, gold and diamonds. The hostel authorities will not be responsible for the damage or loss of any valuable goods or cash.
  • Nothing should be stuck on the walls or furniture.
  • Visitors are not allowed to take the students out of the campus.
  • Students should obey the rules and regulations of the hostel, keep the time table and obey the instructions of the authorities.
  • If the hostlers are taking leave on any working day they have to obtain written permission from the teacher in charge of their college and then from the hostel warden.
  • Students are supposed to pay the hostel fees through challan issued from the administrative block at the Canara Bank, Chethipuzha.
  • Fee once paid is not refundable.
  • Hostel fees will be collected only for eleven (11) months in a year instead of 12 months considering long leave holidays (Onam, Christmas,Easter etc).
  • Hostlers are allowed to go home only on 2nd and 4rth
  • The use of mobile and other electronic gadgets is strictly restricted during the study hours.
  • If you need hostel facility for next academic year, please register your name in the hostel before 31st March, 2020.




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