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Anti-Ragging Cell

Anti-Ragging Cell

Our college is committed to maintain a conducive environment that ensure and appropriate conduct among all persons and respect for individual values. The college enforces Anti ragging policy in order to create an environment free from discrimination, harassment, retaliation or sexual assault at college campus.

  • The college is vigilant to execute the provisions of the acts of the Central Government and the State Governments against ragging , considering ragging as a cognizable offence.
  •  The principal of the college directly supervises the Anti- ragging Cell.
  • Any student who indulge of ragging is seriously dealt with as per the university regulations. The case should also be reported to the law and order department of the state immediately at the reception of the complaint at the college office.
  • College have an anti-ragging cell and this cell will ensure strict vigilance on activities of students
     especially during the arrival of new batches in the beginning of the academic year and will take precautionary measures..
  • College organizes periodical counselling programs for our students.
  • The class tutors should identify those students who disobey the anti ragging rules and also the students with stress, and other problems and should personally meet them, and assist them to overcome such problems and support them morally.
  • Orientation programs will be organized for the newcomers in the begining of the academic year and mould them for the academic life in the campus.
  • Hostels/accommodations, where freshers are admitted, will be kept under strict supervision from authorities concerned.
  • The prospectus , brochures and other admission related documents of the college should contain the anti-ragging policy.
  • The anti- ragging policy of the college calls the participation of PTA to maintain the discipline of the campus.
  • Awareness campaign should be conducted for the parents and the students to inculcate the rights and safety of each student and cordial functioning of the college.

The college is committed to maintaining an environment that encourages and fosters appropriate conduct among all persons and respect for individual values. The institution makes it a point that none of its stakeholders undergoes any sort of harassment. Thus it enforces Anti Harassment Policy and Complaint Procedures at all levels in order to create an environment free from discrimination, harassment, retaliation and/or sexual assault.

  • The college prohibits discrimination, harassment (including sexual/gender harassment), sexual assault and retaliation against employees, interns, contractors and other thirdparties conducting business with the college.
  • The college specifically expects management level personnel to serve as models of appropriate conduct for other employees, and will hold them to a higher standard of accountability.
  • The college has a committee constituted in response to the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redress) Act, 2013
  • Legal aid classes are regularly provided to the students to conscientise them about the sexual and gender-based violence.
  • To ensure gender equality female students are adequately represented in the various faculties of the college.
  • In handling claims made under this policy, the college may incorporate behavioral standards that are established by related policies.
  • Any student/employee who believes that they have been subjected to harassment (including sexual/gender harassment) prohibited by this policy, or any employee or student who has witnessed such harassment, retaliation or sexual assault, should immediately report the circumstances to the principal who is the head of the Anti Harassment Committee or to the immediate superior authorities as fast as possible.