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Entrepreneurship Club

Entrepreneurship Club


The Entrepreneurship Club has been set up in the collegeto help the students foster their ideas, as well as educate them on what it takes to start a business of their own. Opportunities for learning and experience in entrepreneurial ventures are very much important. The college provides ample ways to promote the values and skills associated with entrepreneurship within our college and community.


  • To inculcate entrepreneurial culture among students.
  • To induct entrepreneurial spirit in the institution.
  • To motivate the members into the industrial activity.
  • To nurture the latent entrepreneurial talent.



  • Edu-net – CFL Bulb Processing Independent Unit, was started by students. In 2019, they could sell 600 plus bulbs in the locality and the among members of the college,
  • Frequent workshops by young entrepreneurs and successful ones sharing their success mantras.
  • Projects aided by the collaboration of departments or alumni have been encouraged since its inception.