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Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

Greetings from Kristu Jyoti College of Management & Technology

The world is going through drastic changes at present wherein Artificial Intelligence and inclination towards the Green Economic Development have become everyday realities.The concept of teaching-learning process has also seen groundbreaking transformations in terms of the clear-cut entry of new competencies,technological prowess,practical based learning and outcome oriented educational stance into it.

The new Education Policy of 2020 paves the way for novel opportunities and priorities. It has also kept education in a state of motion with respect to the dissemination of knowledge pathways.In this new modality of learning,certain aspects take the centre of gravity such as experimental way of approaching matters,practical mode of tackling issues of vital importance and acute concentration upon the act of learning as an engaging process rather than a detached thing altogether.

When,we go ahead with learning as a full-fledged vocation,it is imperative that we need to count upon the values such as love, trust, truth, hope, sincerity, honesty and tolerance in order to build up a society of human harmony and solidarity in this postmodern world. Education should result in the eradication of all discriminations and unsavory state of affairs from the society and it should also make human minds liberated from all cobwebs to be receptive to new ideas and outcomes.

It is time that we look forward to with an indomitable mindset to face upto all the challenges, life throws at us at regular intervals. The human endurance is always bigger than the obstacles out there. We shall together overcome all the trials and tribulations of life with courage and conviction. Let us strive hard to construct a future of social well being with optimism,quality education and enduring hope.

There is no point in finding fault at this juncture instead we need to be the goodwill ambassadors of doing whatever we can to innovate the existing scheme of things one way or the other. The success is always at hand if we go for it with an open-hearted approach. Let this academic year adduce us with a sense of gratitude for whatever we have. On this occasion, we remember our benefactors and good wishers for the backing they have extended to us wholeheartedly over the years and expect the same level of cooperation in the future as well. May the God Almighty bless all our endeavours in this academic year and make them fruitful and worthwhile.

Rev.Dr.Joshy Cheeramkuzhy CMI